• Fundación Valores y Sociedad Vicepresidente

    Eugenio Nasarre

    Madrid, Spain
  • Moralnet.org President

    Federico A. Nazar

    Salta, Argentina
  • Nig Law Reform Commission Lawyer

    Didi Odigie- Bedell

    Abuja, Nigeria
  • Foundation for African Cultural Heritage (FACH) Educationist

    Theresa Okafor

    Lagos, Nigeria
  • Madrid Regional Parliament Member of the Parliament

    Luis Peral

  • Human Life International Director of Mission Communications

    Stephen Phelan



    Barbastro, Spain
  • Free Church of Scotland Former Moderator

    David Robertson

    Dundee, United Kingdom
  • Red Familia Director of International Cooperation and Strategy

    Katharina ROTHWEILER

    Mexico City, Mexico
  • C-Fam (Center for Family & Human Rights) President

    Austin Ruse

    Washington, DC, United States of America
  • National Labor Department Employment Director

    Gonzalo Santamarina

  • Mission: Public Affairs, LLC President

    Frank Schubert

    Sacramento, United States of America
  • TOUCH International Director

    Eugene Seow

  • Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director

    Lyle Shelton

    Canberra, Australia
  • European Parliament Member of the European Parliament

    Branislav Škripek

    Brussels, Belgium
  • Institute for the Family and Culture of Life Director

    Tadej Strehovec

    Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Profesionales por la Ética President

    Leonor Tamayo

    Madrid, Spain
  • Manila Times Columnist

    Francisco Tatad

    Manila, Philippines
  • St. Andrew Orthodox Church Pastor

    Josiah Trenham, Ph.D.

  • Hnuti Pro zivot CR President

    Radim Uchac

    Praha, Czech Republic

Due to the volume of leaders signing the declaration, we are behind updating the list, please come back later. And thank you for your patience.